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Turtle Rider

Sorry, this sculpture is no longer available.

Girl holding a flower and riding on a turtle's back. This piece is available on a rock instead of a turtle.

Price: sold out
Edition Size: 39
Dimensions: 35H x 27W x 21D

Price: (Summer Dreams) $12,125.00
Price: (Turtle Alone) $3,000.00

Perfect for a focal point in a garden area. If this little girl is riding a turtle, it is called, "Turtle Rider".
If she is squatting on a rock, the title is, "Summer Dreams" as she is day dreaming as children do.
The sculpture called "Playful Pup" is an interactive sculpture with this little girl whether on a rock or a turtle. The turtle can also be cast alone.


sold out

We’re sorry. This work is no longer available.

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