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Come Unto Me

This interactive monumental size Christ figure was created so that children can climb up into his lap. Three children of varied nationalities are available as companion pieces coming toward the Christ figure.

Price: $64,500.00
Edition Size: open
Dimensions: 78H x 54W x 48D

As I sculpted this larger than life Christ figure, I endeavored to project his compassion, his strength, and his great love for us all. The child in his lap has complete adoration and confidence for Christ. Christ is holding out his hand and inviting all to come to him. The other knee is empty and I sculpted the robe and the rock so that a child could easily climb onto his lap.

Though there are also children of varied nationalities that can be purchased to group with the sculpture, the Christ figure easily stands alone and his message is strong. It is my hope that this statue will be a ministry. I envision stepping stones up to the sculpture which would be an obvious invitation to participate with the sculpture. Benches could be placed in conjunction with landscaping to create a meditative garden.

The following statues of children bringing their gifts to Christ can be purchased individually:
African boy with goat, "Prize Possession", 72"H
Asian girl with flowers, "A Gift of Flowers", 51" H
Latin American girl with flowers, "Latin American Girl", 50"H

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