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4476 Oak Road
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105

PhoneFax 970-349-0127





  • World Vision Headquarters, Federal Way, Washington ** — “Jesus, the Bread of Life”

  • Compassion International Headquarters, Colorado Springs, Colorado ** — “Come Unto Me” with 13 other commissioned life size sculptures

  • Cleveland Heart Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio — “Welcome, Friends”

  • U.S. Open 2001 commemorative sculpture presented to each golfer, commissioned by Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Someday”

  • The Vatican, Rome, Italy — A 28” version of “Jesus, the Bread of Life” presented to Pope John Paul by World Vision

  • The University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama — “Celebrating the Arts”

  • Hurst Public Library, Hurst, Texas ** — “Poems and Promises”

  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America**: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Zion, Illinois; Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona — Their logo — “Celebrate life”

  • Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas — “Turtle Dancer”

  • Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii — “Welcome, Friends”, “Turtle Boy”,** “The Lost Lamb”

  • Kilohana Farms Plantation, Kauai, Hawaii ** — “Planting for the Future”

  • America West Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona — “Great Expectations”

  • Association of Baptists for World Evangelism Headquarters, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ** — a grouping of Christ and children from many nations

  • Benson Park permanent sculpture collection, Loveland, Colorado — “Lillith”

  • Gilcrease Museum fiftieth anniversary commemorative sculpture, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Peyote Bird”

  • Civic Center, Palm Desert, California — “Finder’s Keepers”

  • Helmerich Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Legacy of Literature”

  • City of Cerritos, Cerritos, California — “Legacy of Literature”

  • Arts and Humanities, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Celebrating the Arts”

  • Texas City Parks, Texas City, Texas — “Turtle Boy”

  • Holland Hall Preparatory School, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — “Belonging and Becoming”

  • Beatrice Public Library, Beatrice, Nebraska — “Locks and Lops” and “A Hare-y Carry”

  • First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Turning Point”, small Come Unto Me”, “Abba, Father”

  • Bethany Baptist Church, Coupeville, Washington — “Come unto Me”

  • Parent Child Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Locks and Lops” and “A Hare-y Carry”

  • St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — “Welcome, Friends”

  • The Little Light House, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — ”Abba, Father”, small “Come Unto Me”, “Christmas Night”

  • Innsbrook Resort, Innsbrook, Missouri — “Welcome, Friends”

  • Catholic Charities Madonna House annual award, Tulsa, Oklahoma **

  • St. Francis Catholic Church, Enid, Oklahoma — “Welcome, Friends”

  • Ronald McDonald House, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Finder’s Keepers”

  • Cassidy Preparatory School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — “Welcome, Friends”

  • Hamilton, Ohio, Downtown — “Legacy of Literature” 

  • Hamilton, Ohio, Potter's Golf Course — “Someday”

  • Michael Case Tennis Center, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — bust of Natalie Overall Warren

  • Hillside Village Complex, Sedona, Arizona — “Finder’s Keepers”

  • First United Methodist Church of Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — “Come Unto Me”

  • Maple Knoll Village, Cincinnati Ohio ** — “Turtle Dancer”

  • Saint Simeon's Retirement Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “The Bird Feeder”

  • New Irving Library, Westminster, Colorado — “Legacy of Literature”

  • Linnaeus Garden, Tulsa Garden Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Carolus Linnaeus”

  • Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — “Christ, Our Good Shepherd”

  • Zarrow Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Story Time for Two”

  • First Tee, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Someday”

  • First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — “Come Unto Me”

  • Noel Art Museum, Odessa, Texas — “Turtle Dancer” and “Playful Pup”

  • Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Noah II”

  • Zelenograd Presbyterian Church, Zelenograd, Russia — “Christ, Our Good Shepherd”

  • University of Tulsa, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “A Study in Dignity”

  • Grand Island Public Library, Grand Island, Nebraska — “Legacy of Literature”

  • Saint Francis Children's Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Christ’s Love for the Children”

  • Riverparks of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma ** — “Planting for the Future”

  • North Edmond High School, Edmond, Oklahoma — “Story Time for Three”

  • Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma: "Welcome, Friends" (fountain) — "The Bird Feeder" — "Windy" — "StoryTime for One" — **"Beautiful Bounty"

  • Asbury United Methodist Church** — "Intercession"

  • Asbury United Methodist Church** — bust of Rev. Bill Mason

  • Metro Christian Academy, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Promise Fulfilled”

  • Kaiser Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — busts of Kate and George Kaiser

  • Catholic Charities campus, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — “The Virgin of Nazareth”

  • North Edmond High School, Edmond, Oklahoma — “Story Time for Three”

  • Woodward Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma — “Poems and Promises”

  • Montereau, Tulsa, Oklahoma** — "Young in Spirit"

  • First Christian Church, Norman, Oklahoma — small “Come Unto Me”

  • Oklahoma State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — “Soaring Spirit”

  • Little Light House, Tulsa, Oklahoma — Seven foot “Come Unto Me”

  • Sculpture Park of Louisville, Colorado —“Melody”

  • Hanover Property Company; Dallas, Texas — “Legacy of Literature”

  • First Baptist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana — “Come Unto Me”

  • Crested Butte, Colorado — “Lillith”

  • Lincoln Carnegie Library, Lincoln, Kansas — “Story Time for Three”

  • Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania — “Come Unto Me”