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Every young golfer has a dream...

Price: $37,000.00
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 68H x 31W x 27D

This life-size sculpture was commissioned by Southern Hills Country Club in a 13" size to be given to each player and official for the 101st U.S. Open in 2001. This was a private edition and can not be offered on the public market. I was commissioned to create the same piece in life size to be placed at the First Tee facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.. The first Tee is a program designed to provide every child, regardless of economic background, the opportunity to learn to play golf. The facility includes a nine-hole golf course and driving range, along with a Junior Golf Headquarters and Learning Center. When I was asked to design and create a sculpture that every golfer and official would receive, I knew that I did not want to do another golfer swinging a club, which has been done so often. I thought, "What is it that every one of these golfers have in common? ... it is not their backgrounds, nor education, nor style or race.... But, they ALL had a DREAM.... 'Maybe, SOMEDAY I could make a living at this game that I love so much.'" Thus was born, "Someday." This life size edition is 68 inches tall, including the base. This is a most appropriate statue for a golf course or a facility that teaches golf to youngsters or homes located on golf courses.

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