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Planting for the Future

One generation works hard for the benefit of the next. This sculpture is appropriate for banks, mentoring programs, as well as forestry and horticulture.

Price: sold out
Edition Size: 15
Dimensions: 90H x 66W

This larger than life sculpture was commissioned to stand at the entrance of a hardwood tree plantation in Hawaii. As I conceptualized this piece, I chose to build upon the idea that the work of one generation will benefit the following generation.

The proud and tired father and his son have planted a tree that will perhaps give to several generations to come. There is a small bronze tree which they have just planted and the father is proudly looking at it. The son is looking to the father.

It is always a joy for a sculptor when their original concept becomes one that has far reaching application. "Planting for the Future" could be symbolic of building a town, building a financial asset building a life of a child or even just planting a tree for the next generations. It would be appropriate for the forestry industry.



sold out

We're sorry. This work is no longer available.