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Divided Attentions

The mother's attention has been diverted from picking apples to her mail. Her small child is also demanding her attention.

Price: sold out
Edition Size: 21
Dimensions: 24H x 14W x 13D

Here is a pioneer woman who is representative of any mother in modern times.  Is there a mother who has not experienced that soft hand on her cheek demanding her attention when it is elsewhere? This young pioneer mother has been picking apples with her child. Her attentions to her labors have been distracted by the arrival of a long awaited letter. She rests momentarily with her little one on her knee to read, all the while being coaxed to give attention to her child. Her subtle smile reveals her understanding patience. The sculpture tells this story. God bless you, dear mothers!


sold out

We're sorry. This work is no longer available.