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Christ's Love for the Children (small)

This standing Christ depicts joy, love and gentleness as He interacts with three children.

Price: $5,800.00
Edition Size: open
Dimensions: 18H x 16W x 6D

This smaller work was the clay maquette of the monumental sculpture commissioned for Saint Francis Children's Hospital of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It depicts the joy, love and gentleness of Christ as He interacts with three children. The youngest sits on his shoulders reaching for a dove, symbolic of the attributes of the Holy Spirit. The young girl and little boy are coming to Christ with gifts, needs, deep appreciation and love. This sculpture was created to give the viewer assurance, comfort, hope and understanding that the Lord is present in his life. This sculpture is also available in a monumental size.  It would be an uplifting icon for a church, Catholic/Christian hospitals, or Christian centers for children.

Also available in a larger size.

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